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Que Sera, Sera.

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Aug 8th at 7PM / 2 notes

Why did you become wiccan?

It’s interesting to me. I love learning about it, practicing it. It works for me.

There are SO many misconceptions about Wicca. For one thing, it’s not hexes and black magick and curses, and it’s not a form of Satanism.

It’s an earth based religion. There are spells, yes, but not what people would think. There are also different types of Wiccans. Kitchen witches, for example, or ones that work with herbs. There are ones that do Tarot (Most Wiccans do, but thereĀ are Wiccans that specialize in Tarot), palmistry, tasseography(tea leaf readings). Many different things. Again, A lot of Wiccans do many of these things, but there are some that choose to extend their work and focus mainly on one subject.

I like practicing spells. Healing, harmony, etc. I like Tarot cards. It’s almost scary how accurate they are. I want to look into being more of a kitchen witch, because I love to cook and bake. I’m just getting started in some things right now, but I do know a lot about it. I’m low on materials right now, and until I have the money I won’t be practicing anything for a while. I also have to bind the deck of Tarot cards I have to me to get better results; it was givin as a gift from a friend and is still bound to her.

Another good friend of mine is Wiccan, and she has a tumblr. She’s a LOT more experienced than I am, and is helping me get started. http://youcalledmehappy.tumblr.com/

  1. mothergrabber said: Thank you for this info and link. I also am very interested but asking people leads to misconception about Wicca as a lot of people like to say they are into it but are misinformed. So thanks again.xx
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